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October 20 2014


One of the many things stored in the Harrisburg Oregon Historical Society is a collection of local newspapers dating back to the 1800s. In the community section of the papers is a column of social announcements:

“John and Jane Smith will travel to Eugene on Sunday to visit their daughter Clara. They will stay overnight with her, her husband and their three children.”

“Stevie Johnson will have a party for his 10th birthday this weekend. Twelve children will be in attendance, and they will enjoy a performance from a magician and a chocolate cake.”

“The Young Ladies Auxiliary will have a luncheon to introduce new members on Saturday. There will be a speech from President Jeanette Tulane and a musical performance to follow.”

Each edition of the paper contained dozens of these announcements, every one more mundane and unimportant than the last. It seemed to me that these were nothing more than Facebook updates. The only purpose they served was to keep a community of people — in this case whoever had access to the newspaper — updated about what was going on in someone else’s life. We often talk about social media as some sort of new invention of the technological age, but here was the evidence that it has existed for much longer.

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October 18 2014

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October 10 2014

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People often say that same-sex marriage now is like interracial marriage in the 60s. But in terms of public opinion, same-sex marriage now is like interracial marriage in the 90s, when it had already been legal nationwide for 30 years.
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October 09 2014

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my color blind friend just posted this on facebook

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October 08 2014

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October 07 2014

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John Malkovich photographed in recreations of iconic photos. Enjoy. (i couldn't find original post than im linking to 9gag)
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October 06 2014

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I know this is from the onion but I honestly don’t even doubt it

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Some day maybe us humans, too, can ascend.

…the tower from Goat Simulator is real?

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October 05 2014


This is the animal they chose to represent Satan. 








The Father of Lies


Evil Personified


Just think about that for a moment. 

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October 03 2014

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October 01 2014

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September 26 2014

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"Star Wars: Darth Vader Rides The Monocycle While Playing On Flaming Bagpipe".
You can scroll down now.
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